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Twilight Knights Cosplay - commonly abbreviated to TKC- is a costume design & creation business. We create everything from Cosplays, to Fursuits, to LARP Gear and everything in between. We also create and sell supplies for costume makers, so be sure to check out our etsy! On this site you will find information on our base prices for fursuits, but do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions regarding other types of costumes and props!

Now what kind of designers would we be if we didn't "Design" things!? So be sure to check out the artwork section of our gallery to see example of our artistic prows! 

Thanks for stopping by and as always happy crafting!

CanFur: Canadian  Distributed Faux Furs

We know how difficult it is buying faux furs, especially if you are a Canadian like us. Which is why we have been working on creating a new line of furs, and get distribution rights for existing furs. To learn more simply click the logo to be taken to the CanFur website! 

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