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Terms of Service

Shop Policies

Twilight Knights Cosplay strives for customer satisfaction while making sure it remains profitable. When purchasing anything keep in mind that all items in those stores are handmade with love and care. Each item takes time to be crafted and are custom made to order so slight variations may occur even when ordering duplicates. 

Due to the nature of this business, we request that all customers credit the part or parts of the costume(s) that were made by us. Please do not resell, trace, re-mold, or claim that you have made the items you purchased from us. The internet is vast and you will eventually be caught and legal action may be pursued.


On commissions under 250$ USD payment must be received within 3 days of the purchase order or the order will be canceled. For regular commissions, a 30% non-refundable downpayment is required upfront,  if the payment is not received within the 30 day grace period of the "Holding Fee" your order will be canceled and no refunds will be given. If a customer on a payment plan is late on their payments a 5% late fee will be applied to every month that the customer is late, in addition, the will be moved down in the queue a number of slots equal to the missed payments. If a customer misses 3 payments or fails to answers any messages for an equally long period they will be removed from the queue and no refund will be given. In the event a customer purchases a premade costume or suit (this includes sales of used costumes/suits) payment must be received within either 3 business days, 2 weeks, or one month according to the terms of the sale. Failure to comply will result in a cancellation with a maximum refund of 50%. A 13% HST sales tax is applied on all transactions, this is non-negotiable and non-refundable. 


We accept Paypal, etransfer, and debit/credit via Stripe. When payment is received your order shall be marked so, please allow up to 3 days for payment statuses when paying by etransfer to be updated. 


Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated. Shipping that is included on orders is standard shipping which does not include insurance or a tracking number. If your purchase is lost in the mail their is nothing that we can do unless you had upgraded to a shipping service that includes a tracking number or insurance. To upgrade your shipping service please contact us for prices prior to us shipping.

Furthermore as the buyer you are responsible for any and all duties, taxes, customs and/or import fees that may occur. In the event an item exceeds the estimated or prepaid total for shipping we will contact you to request further payment, should you refuse to pay or be unable to pay your items may be withheld until payment is made. If you wish to cancel you will be refunded to the value of the product but not the shipping. The product in question will than be put up for sale unaltered unless the design is of a character you own in which case minor alterations will be done though it will largely be kept the same.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on items that were lost or damaged due to shipping as these are things beyond our control. Refunds are applicable on items over 100$ ONLY we cannot stress this enough, the amount that is refunded is taken case by case and up to our sole discretion, however the maximum that we can refund is 60% of the original value. The other 40% that is non-refundable as it goes to cover the cost of materials and partial labour. Please note that shipping and tax are never refunded. We do not offer refunds on items/designs that were approved of by the client, nor do we give provide free alterations that are deemed unreasonable. 



Items are made in a smoke-free studio however we do have pets however they are hypoallergenic meaning they either do not produce much dander or have hair instead of fur. If you have severe allergies or wish to inquire as to the breed or species of our pets please contact us. Thank you.


Prior to shipping orders, we will send you photos of your order for approval. Should you wish any changes to be done we will do them to the best of our ability free of charge (unless the revision request is deemed unreasonable). You can get up to three revisions before we begin to charge for the alterations. In the event you choose to not pay for further revisions we will ship the order without any further photos. On smaller orders (under 100$) revision requests will be done at our sole discretion. This policy exists to protect the business from incurring financial losses from potentially difficult customers. 

If a listing (Etsy/dealers den/etc) has an option allowing for a choice of style/size/colour/etc and no option is picked we will contact you regarding your choice. Should you fail to respond within 3 days we will assume we have artistic liberty and choose the style/size/colour/etc. No refunds or exchanges are given in these events.


All of our fursuit heads, partials, and fullsuits come with a limited warranty. This warranty includes free repairs on your suit (you are responsible for all shipping and import fees where applicable) such as popped seams, repairing holes, retouching airbrushing, replacing outdoor feet bottoms, replacing lost claws/pawpads/spikes, but does not include a replacement for lost parts such as replacing a lost tail, or lost paw (though a discount would be given for replacement parts). The warranty length is 3 months for a head, 6 months for a mini partial, 9 months for a full partial, and one year for a fullsuit. The Warranty is Void if the signature and/or company tag is removed or intentionally defaced. The warranty begins the day you receive your suit and ends the same day the following year. However, even if your warranty has expired we always give tip-based fursuit repairs at conventions even for none TKC suits/costumes! Subscribe to our Facebook to stay on top of our convention list and updates! 


Twilight Knights Cosplay is a registered business and functions as a sole proprietorship, as such we reserve the right to update and change these policies as needed without warning. As of January 2018, we will be charging HST/GST on all sales, this is non-negotiable regardless of country of origin.

1. By purchasing from us you agree to all Terms and Conditions of sale as outlined on our website and enter into a contract with TKC agreeing to pay the quoted amount upon acceptance of the commission.

A. are 18 years of age and/or have the consent from a guardian who will act as a guarantor

B. that you have read the full TOS and are aware of what they entail. Failure to comply may result in legal action or immediate cancellation with no refunds or exchanges. 
C. Twilight Knights Cosplay is a registered business whose operations are based in Ontario Canada
D. Contact with the business can be done through Etsy, the TKC official website, or through the owner (Kale Lalonde) at
E. This business functions as a sole proprietorship.

2. Twilight Knights Cosplay is not to be held liable for the misuse of the product(s) as well as any injuries resulted from misconduct with TKC goods. Detailed guidelines on proper care and use of all products can be obtained by contacting TKC at

3. Twilight Knights Cosplay is not to be held liable for any allergic reactions caused by the product(s) or the pets that may come in contact with the product(s).

4. Unique goods/products/parts made by Twilight Knights Cosplay (TKC) are not for resale. Recasting and/or patterning our products is strictly forbidden. Legal action may be taken if recast/patterns using our products are discovered. See section 7 for resale exclusions. 

5. Any and all signed/trademarked products must not have the signature/logo/trademark altered or removed. Defacing the aforementioned trademarks/logo/signage/signatures will result in any warranty to become null and void. 

6. All characters belong to their respective owners. Twilight Knights Cosplay creates and sells unique and fan-made products under the Creative Commons Licence act and the Arts and Canadian Culture Policy. We take no ownership of characters outside of the ones we claim ownership of (see section 10). Should we be unknowingly commissioned for a product owned by another individual/company we take no ownership and are not be held legally responsible should court action be required for the misuse of copyright infringement or intellectual property. Any customer(s) intentionally trying to commission copyrighted material will be denied, unless it is to serve as inspiration for a unique design unrelated to the source material. 

7. A. In the event that the owner of a character whose original creator is TKC wishes to sell that character and/or parts they may do so at their discretion but any/all TKC trademark/logo/signatures must not be altered or removed.
B. If the owner of a fursona (or other original characters/creation) whose costume or costume parts are made by TKC wishes to sell their costume they may do so at their sole discretion but any/all TKC trademark/logo/signatures must not be altered or removed. Furthermore, the resale value of the costume or costume parts in question cannot exceed their original purchased value without written consent from TKC. If the owner of a suit made by TKC wishes to sell their suit they must also include the character (when selling "premade" suits by TKC).
C. If the owner of a cosplay (made by TKC) that a licensed character wishes to sell that costume they may do so at their sole discretion TKC is not to be held liable for any legal action resulting from that transaction. Furthermore, TKC does not claim any ownership of any trademarked or licensed characters. As an artistic business, we do however reserve the right to sign our products and goods. Any signatures must not be altered or removed. Furthermore, the resale value of the costume, fursuits, or costume parts in question cannot exceed their original purchased value without written consent from TKC and buyer knowledge. 

8. Twilight Knights Cosplay reserves the right to make changes and updates to the store's policy, terms of sale, and other legal information without notice. Furthermore should the policy conflict with previously stated information or should conflict with the policy or policies expressed on the official Twilight Knights Cosplay website or Facebook Page the judgment on which policy or policies to follow are up to the sole discretion of TKC's owner Kale Lalonde.

9. In the event of an unfavorable situation between TKC and a customer, we reserve the right to bring in a neutral 3rd party to mediate the situation. 

10. We claim ownership of the following characters/material. Misuse of the outlined characters bellow without expressed consent may result in legal action.

"Dragonflight" Short story collection & associated characters created and written by Kale Lalonde
"Bootleg" The Wickerbeast (species owner by Simone White - character co-owned by individuals Kale Lalonde and Laurie Plante)

"Arcanus" The Wickerbeast (design by Toxic Creations owned by individual Kale Lalonde)

"Haseo" The Wickerbeast (design by Fir3h3irt owned by individual Kale Lalonde)
"Koshrakus" The Tribal Dragon (Design by Drerika owned by individual Kale Lalonde)

"Ari" The Dragon (Design by Kale Lalonde owned by individual Kale Lalonde
"HotSpot" The Spotted Hyena (design by Laurie Plante owned by individual Kale Lalonde)
"Arbonos" The Shaman (design by Kale Lalonde owned by TKC/Kale Lalonde)
"Tsukune" The Flame God (design by Kale Lalonde owned individual Kale Lalonde)
"The Twilight Dragon" The Offical TKC Mascot (design by TKC owned by TKC)

"Lo-Fae" The Xioi (species owner Abby Clark, design by Abby Clark owned by individual Kale Lalonde)

"Oron" The Fairy (designed by Kale Lalond owned by individual Kale Lalonde) 

"CanFur" product/brand/logo (owned by TKC) 

"Twilight Knights Cosplay" Logo (Designed by Kale Lalonde owned by TKC)

11. Unless given express permission, the use of our products and/or photos for advertising for businesses/people unrelated to TKC is strictly forbidden. Credit must always be given to TKC when using our products/services/photos. Profiting from the use of our products/photos/services is also strictly forbidden and legal action may be pursued. 


12. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood our Terms Of Service. Failure to comply is not the responsibility of TKC.


13. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure accurate and detailed information is provided prior to commissioning TKC. TKC is not to be held responsible for any inaccuracies due to a lack of proper information, or unclear information. All commissions are subject to artistic interpretation.


14. TKC reserves the right to make alternations to designs to ensure they translate correctly from concept into reality and to ensure we can meet your requests within your provided budget.  


15a: In the event of a cancellation, the maximum refund a customer is eligible to receive is 60% of the original commission value excluding any taxes. Refunds are given out at our sole discretion. TKC reserves the right to cancel commissions and sales with a minimum of a 24-hour notice. A commission or sale may be canceled for the following reasons (noninclusive).

A. The customer has requested a refund prior to work beginning.

B. A refund was offered/requested due to inferior product quality.

C. The customer failed to make payments, respond to messages/emails, or adhere to warnings.

D. Unreasonable requests

E. The customer has broken our TOS agreement and violated one or more sections. Depending on the article in question the customer may or may not be eligble for a refund. 

15b: In the event we are unable to process a refund due to our financial situation a customer may sell there slot under our guidance to cover the cost of the refund. A customer may not sell their slot without our prior knowlegde and consent. 


16. In the event a customer fails to make a regularly schedueled payment a 5% late fee is applied to any missed or late payments. Additionally customers are moved down in the queue one space to reflect the missed month. Continuous late payments may result in a commission be canceled (see section 17).

17a. In the event, a client fails to adhere to warnings due to lack of communication or continuous missed payments we reserve the right to cancel their order without refund for the following (noninclusive) reasons: 

A. If a customer misses 3 consecutive months of payments or otherwise has an outstanding balance TKC reserves the right to cancel the client's commission without refund provided amble notice was given.

B. If a customer refuses to pay the shipping, or other outstanding balance on a completed or partially completed commission for an extended period of time TKC reserves the right to resell the commission without modification and use the funds to provide the customer a partial refund (up to 60% at our discretion) and keep the remaining balance as a restocking fee.

C. If a customer fails to respond to our inquiries for an extended period of time TKC reserves the right to cancel a customer's commission without refund provided amble noticed was given.

17b: In the event a customer wishes to cancel their slot after a minimum of 30% of the suit has been paid they must find someone to take over their commission slot, effectively selling their slot. Customers who decide to pursue this route must contact TKC to proceed, as all slots sold must be done with the knowledge and approval of TKC. A commission slot that is being sold must be paid directly to TKC who will then reimburse the original client up to 60% of the funds original paid for the slot. 

18. Clients are forbidden to use products made by TKC in explicit adult content, or in any other way that would deface or defamation TKC. Furthermore, clients are prohibited from using products made by TKC in private/personal explicit adult matters. Any client discovered or known to have voided this ruling whether the product was made by TKC or not will be blacklisted from purchasing our products in the future and void any past or outstanding warranty, services or commissions without refund. 

19. TKC reserves the right to refuse work from clients who are known to be disreputable, have committed a criminal offense or used a costume in an explicit adult manner.


20. TKC reserves the right to seek legal aid, or action against clients who have broken the terms of service agreement and/or individuals/companies who have intentionally defaced, or defamation TKC. 

21. Clients may, with approval upgrade their order anytime prior to their order being started without losing their place in line. Clients however are only able to downgrade an order under strict guidelines. And have the following additional terms applied to their order. 

A. Clients who downgrade their orders are ineligible to receive any refund from any "overpayment(s)" caused by the downgrade.

B. 15% of the original quoted price must be paid in addition to the new downgraded price. This is to compensate for any lost labor or material charges. 

C. Clients who downgrade are ineligible to later re-upgrade their orders. 

D. Clients may only downgrade their order if a client would otherwise be forced to cancel their order. 

22. In the event, a chosen style or feature has been discontinued TKC reserves the right to substitute to the modern equivalent, or if no modern equivalent exists to forgo it altogether. Should TKC forgo the chosen feature/style something of equivalent value will be added either in the form of an unrelated feature or bonus such as but not limited to fursuit accessories or props.  In the event, TKC is unable to provide any of the aforementioned a partial refund will be provided to the customer for the lost style/feature. 

Additionally, Twilight Knights Cosplay is owned and operated as a sole proprietorship by Kale Lalonde. Copyright 2016-2023

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