Fursuit Adopts 

Fursuit Adopts are pre-designed characters that you can purchase and get turned into partial or fullsuit. These are not always available so please email us if you are interested in purchasing one! 

Please note these prices do not include shipping or any applicable taxes. Fursuit Adopts must either be paid in full at time of purchase or 50% down and 50% in one month. Subject to normal queue wait times.

African Wild Dog - "Dust"

Digi Fullsuit: 5200$USD

Mini Partial: 2800$ USD

Available in Toony or Kemono Style

Saber tooth Tiger - "Captain"

Digi Fullsuit: 7200$ USD

Mini Partial: 4000$ USD

Toony Style

Xioi Alien - "Tangerina" 


Digi Fullsuit: 4800$ USD

Mini Partial: 2500$ USD

Kemono Style

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