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Basic Info 

Base prices are the starting point for how much something is going to cost, these prices will go up or down based on complexity and material cost. However, the base prices on suits include up to three colours with simple markings on suits. Lining on heads, and handpaws/feetpaws come standard in most cases.


For those who are just window shopping, we do have a free online estimator that you can use to give you a ballpark estimate for your suit. Keep in mind this estimator is missing quite a few add-ons and does not constitute acceptance of a commission, nor is it a proper quote. Click here to be redirected to our Fursuit Estimator. Please note this estimator is currently a work in progress so it may have errors or stop working. 

Mini Partials - 3200$ USD

mini partial template.png

A mini partial consists of a head in your choice of toony, kemono or realistic stye and includes puffy paws, and a tail. The base price includes up to three fur colours  plus one minky colour for pawpads and the like with simple markings. The head comes fully lined with simple follow-me eyes and optional velcro eyelids for different expressions! 

Please note we no longer take Head Only commissions. Sorry folks! 

Full Partials - 4000$ USD

The full partial is an upgraded version of the mini partial in addition to the head, paws and tail it will also include a set of fully lined arm sleeves and outdoor shoepaws. The base price includes up to 3 fur colours, and one minky colour for pawpads and the like with simple markings. 

full partial template2.png

Plantigrade and Digitgrade Fullsuits

plantigrade template.png

A plantigrade suit is one where the bodysuit flows with the natural shape of your body giving your suit a more "human" look. A digitgrade suit on the otherhand makes use of padding to mimic the natural stance of the animal you are dressed as. Digisuits as can be made to be fit slimly or have lots of padding and a dropped crotch to give the appearance of having a longer torso. 

Plantigrade Suits start at 5000$ USD

Digitgrade Suits start at 6000$ USD


Please note we require a Duct Tape Dummy for all fullsuit commissions. You can view our DTD tutorial here. 

digitgrade template.png

All of our suits come with a limited time warranty that begins when you recieve the suit. The warranty is there in case you have any issues with your suit such as needing something resized or fixing popped seams! 

Included with your suit.png

As an added bonus all our fullsuits will come with a care bag! The stuff in the bag will vary as supplies last but the may include things like branded water bottles, fursuit brushes, keychains or stickers! 

In addition all suits will recieve a

detailed caresheet and swatches deailing where the fur was purchased so you never have to wonder! 

How We Work

Given how time-consuming it is to make fursuits and other costumes they tend to be quite expensive, to make the cost less daunting and more affordable we offer payment plans on commissions. We require a 30% non-refundable down payment upfront with the remaining 70% divided evenly among the term of the payment plan (details below). In order to calculate the 30% down payment, we need to first provide you with a quote. Quotes take quite a bit of time to fill out between both parties, to save time we give a free preliminary price estimate on your commission, once you are fully committed to commissioning us you can apply for a slot - provided we are open that is. If chosen for a commission slot a 100$USD (+tax) Holding Fee will be required immediately. This holding fee serves two purposes. The first is that it counts towards your 30% downpayment, but is similarly non-refundable. Second, it reserves your slot for 30 days, which gives you time to set aside money before the downpayment is due. If you are unable to make the downpayment within the 30-day timeframe your slot is forfeit along with the 100$ holding fee, so please plan accordingly. 

Payment plans are available for most commissions over a value of 500$. In the case of fursuits, we have set payment plans based on the type of suit being commissioned; for heads, this is 3 months, 6 months for mini partials, 9 months for full partials, and 12 months for fullsuits.


All payments will be invoiced to customers on the 1st of each month and must be paid by the end of the month. Any late or missed payments are subject to a 5% late fee and being moved down in the queue. Additionally, a 13% HST sales tax is applied to all transactions. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Once your commission has been accepted you will be added to our queue. A queue is like a waiting list for customers who have officially commissioned us. While you are in the queue you will be making payments towards your commission. All updates and progress pictures on commissions are posted on our social media while the queue can be viewed anytime by following this link. You can find links to our social media at the bottom of the home page. 

As we work by a queue-based system customers can expect to wait on average 3 years before getting the order. So in some cases, a customer may wish to pay an expedited order fee to give them priority over other customers or even guarantee completion for a specific deadline. These fees are a percentile amount based on the shortness of the deadline and the complexity of the project in question. There are two kinds of expedited orders; Priority, and Rush.


A "Priority" based commission while having a non-guaranteed deadline will give you a higher chance of having the commission completed within a certain range. For example, if a customer requested a completion time of 6 months they may receive it in 7-8 months, or even sooner in 4-5 months. These are non-guaranteed deadlines, but you will undoubtedly receive the commission much faster than you would have in the normal queue. 

A true "Rush" Order commission has a guaranteed deadline (some acceptions apply). As these commissions generally have fairly short deadlines, this puts quite a bit of strain on us so the fees can be quite substantial, so we only recommend getting "Rush" Orders when you absolutely must have something by a specific date, such as example for a theatre show, or special event. 


Lastly, due to the nature of rush order fees, they are non-refundable but in the event, we are unable to make a deadline for whatever reason compensation will be given; usually in the form of “free” upgrades or extras. In some rare cases a partial refund - at our sole discretion - may be offered. While the breakdown for what the percentile fee may not always look like this, this should serve as a good guideline on what to expect.


Requested Deadline:

6-8 months 10% (gives priority)

5-6 months 15% (gives priority)

4-5 months 20% (gives priority)

3-5 months 30% (guaranteed)

2-3 months 40% (guaranteed)

1-2 months 50% (guaranteed)

1 month  60% (guaranteed)

Fursuit Styles
What Style Works Best For Me?

canfurdog icon_edited.jpg

TOONY heads are cute and friendly-looking often with cheerful open-mouthed expressions. They have large eyes for great vision and with open mouth expression, they have excellent ventilation. Toony heads can have 2D or 3D follow me eyes but cannot have moving jaws. Toony heads are cast out of foam and are mounted on a balaclava or half foam bucket with the lining is sewn down. These heads are lighter and roomier than realistic heads and can fit glasses, though a bit snugly in some cases. These heads are generally not airbrushed. 


KEMONO heads are our newest option for styles replacing the discontinued Semi-Toony Style. These heads are modeled after the Japanese style of fursuits which have earned the name "Kemono" style. This style of fursuit head has a very round/oval shape with very large eyes and a small simplified muzzle regardless of the species. Most Kemono suits have a plastic film over the eyes which gives it its unique look. Unfortunately, these plastic films have a habit of fogging up and impeding the wearer's vision and ventilation so we do not add it. These heads are suitable for people who want the ultimate cuteness! They are very roomy on the inside allowing glasses with ease but sacrifice ventilation in return for its looks. They are cast out of foam and have excellent forward-facing vision but usually very little peripheral vision. 

REALISTIC heads are best suited for people who want to mimic a specific animal or creature as best as possible. They are very detailed with airbrushing, glass/acrylic eyes, realistic teeth and tongue and have a moving jaw. Realistic heads tend to be very detailed and are best suited to the character with natural colours, airbrushed gradients, or scaled creatures such as dragons and other reptiles. Realistic heads are built on a resin base so they are typically much heavier than traditional foam heads. We can also make these heads on 3D printed bases which while significantly lighter are more fragile. These styles of heads have a much smaller field of vision compared to toony/kemomo heads and ventilation is largely controlled by jaw movement. As such we generally recommend upgrading to a muzzle fan due to the limited ventilation. We do not recommend this head for people who wear glasses or have asthma. Realistic heads are best suited for people who favor accuracy and realism above all else.

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